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Pro Tip: Instead of having feelings, try being dead inside. Everything is still horrible but you will not care at all.

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Anonymous said: Could you pretty please link all your tumblr crushes I'm new on tumblr and I need some more people to follow. You can even add some of your favorite blogs in general :)

Just gonna tag blogs that I follow that I think you’ll enjoy. They are by no means in any order or fit any category. 











There are others as well but it’s 9:10am and I’ve slept 6 hours in 2 days so sorry if I didn’t tag you but my mind is going 100%


new blog, deleting this one..


new blog, deleting this one..

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Into The Dreamscape

Anonymous said: I bet your ex is having a great sex life right now. I know that sex is always the best on the first few weeks of relationship. *feels God every time he thrusts

I hope she is as well. I really hope that who ever she is with is making her stupidly happier then I did, otherwise my breakup with her would have been a mistake.

Into The Dreamscape

Anonymous said: My opinion: you're a good looking guy, with a good body, good morals and you seem to be intelligent too (and a geek - awesome bonus!). You have a lot going for you but I don't think you see it! It's a shame to see you feeling so down about your ex, but it's a lesson learnt and you can't make anyone happy until you're happy with yourself, by yourself. It sounds stupid now, but you will find someone ten times better, when the time is right and you're in a better place x

Lets hope so. I think I’m just gonna try to focus on myself a lot more now since thats all I have in my life atm anyway. I just hope you’re right and someone else comes along…preferably sooner then later.